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Production Ministry

Our Collective Team

Our production team can be broken down to these sub categories; video, visual, audio, lighting and translation. Each of these teams work together and strive to bring perfection to the overall experience of every service. Everyone who is involved in the team are volunteers that are given "on the job" training and are highly dedicated to what they do. You can see their hard work in the presentation of our in-person services and online. Check out our different departments below.


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Our video team is responsible for our live streaming and recording all of our service's . We utilize an easy to use computer based software to switch between different angles and input graphics. After the service the video is then edited on Premier Pro and uploaded to Facebook and YouTube. Our camera operator also ensures that our main camera, the Cannon XA11 is set to the proper exposure and white balance settings.



Our visual team runs ProPresenter 7 to provide lyrics for songs and scripture on our two screens in the sanctuary. Our operators are responsible for generating a "schedule" every week that includes our song list and announcements.



Our audio team is dedicated to producing the best live mix for everyone in the building. The work of our audio team can be heard in every song and every sermon. The mixer is responsible for conducting sound checks before service and ensuring every mix matches the environment.



Our lighting team uses a super simple computer based software with pre-built lighting scenes. This team is responsible for creating an atmosphere for every part of the service like praise and worship. Even with the pre-built scenes, the operator has the ability to change the color of the stage on the fly to match a particular song or even highlight different parts of the stage. The work of our lighting operator is seen and even felt by everyone in the sanctuary.

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